Commonly known as ‘Southern Immortelle’ or ‘Cape Gold’, Helichrysum splendidum is an indigenous plant of the Genus Helichrysum which occurs in the mountains of Magoebaskloof . Although not only restricted to this area, it is indeed a very localized plant. The plants beauty lives up to it’s botanical name Helichrysum, derived from the Greek word ‘Helios’ meaning ‘Sun‘ and ‘Chrysos‘ meaning ‘Gold‘, and the species name ‘Splendidum‘ meaning “Splendid‘ in Latin.

The plants grey foliage aids in the plants mechanism of  allowing the sunlight to bounce off the foliage while the woolly hairs and small leaf surface reduces transpiration. Although this plant may look dainty and sensitive it is actually a very tough and frost hardy plant and will grow in very harsh conditions in which it thrives.

Helichrysum splendidum enjoys being pruned and that is why, when harvested, it will bounce back with much vigor.